Avisynth filters

These are my Avisynth filters:
ampTemporal smoother/enhancerDoom 9 discussion
ColourWarpColour remapperDoom 9 discussion
DebugColourSpacesNEWColourspace debugging filterDoom 9 discussion
defishFisheye distortion removerDoom 9 discussion
deshakersynth3D deshaking (in combination with Deshaker)Doom 9 discussion
FastBlurFast approximate gaussian blurDoom 9 discussion
FeedbackNEWFilter to allow using a clip's output as part of its input chainDoom 9 discussion
fingerprintVideo fingerprint filterDoom 9 discussion
fusion (x64)Image fusionDoom 9 discussion
Info2A faster, prettier alternative to AviSynth's built-in Info filterDoom 9 discussion
pixelscope (x86/x64)Pixel value debuggerDoom 9 discussion
prerollPreroll filter to solve glitches with some audio codecsDoom 9 discussion
quadQuadrilaterial transformDoom 9 discussion
selectivecolourAvisynth implementation of Photoshop's selective colour adjustmentDoom 9 discussion
shebang_modNEWA modified version of AviSynth+ which implements shebang (#!) preprocessing for scripts
warp (includes quad)Geometry correction using control pointsDoom 9 discussion
Waveform 2.0.1NEWAudio waveform displayDoom 9 discussion
RPN pixel remapperDoom 9 discussion
rgba_rpnRPN manipulation of pixelsDocumentation
Doom 9 discussion

An explanation of the operations available for those filters which use RPN (xyremap, rgba_rpn) is available here.
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